We are an Online Sourcing Store that supports other ‘Local Friendly’ Small Businesses, in our fight to Support Local. We also provide products to stores ‘in need’, hence why we deal with suppliers.

We remind you we are an Online Sourcing Store - so while we have thousands of products we source, we also have exclusive products that we order direct from the supplier.

If you are waiting longer than expected, it’s because we are trying to source your products.

If you can’t wait for your order, please request a REFUND, and not do a chargeback please, as this has actually crippled our business, and we are still trying to recover after only starting the business in March 2022. We have had to list a few issues moving forward….

*Orders come from Melbourne, Australia, which means we can’t send fresh produce interstate, or loaves of bread outside of Melbourne, including overseas like Hong Kong for example. 

*We don’t send any orders that exceed 5kg in one order. 

*Bulk items are considered 2 or more of one item. Without prior contact to your order, this may be refunded.

*Every product you add to your cart after the sale or if it is abandoned is updated immediately on the site, so if you see it at that price, don’t abandon it.

*Updated Products will have a question - Delivery Or Collect. Choose correctly, so we know where to deliver your order from. If you live interstate, and click Collect. It won’t be sent until you make contact with us.


We never had an official minimum order, but we now charge delivery by weight as we have had multiple orders where people used us like a delivery platform and expected their delivery within hours. We hope you respect this. 

All Fresh Produce, Chilled, Frozen must be picked up from one of the stores / establishments we deal with. 

No Fresh Produce, including bakery goods, plus chilled or frozen can be sent overseas. 


STAGE 1: Once you make your order, it is immediately checked if we can fulfil it.

STAGE 2: The products are located, and if our shops don’t have them, we source from elsewhere. We will notify you with a timeframe of sourcing. If you are happy to wait, great. If not, you will receive a full refund.

STAGE 3: Once Items are sourced, they are NOT refundable. Please respect this, as you will end up on the Wall of Shame. 

You Agree to these Terms when purchasing from



1. All purchased items will be updated to the new Free Delivery Shipping Profile. 

2. Aboriginal / Native products have been canceled from our store.

3. All discounts have been removed from the store. 

4. Delivery Charges are based on Delivery Timings. 

5. Thanks to Tony, Moe and Roger - All Frozen, Fresh Produce, and Chilled items will be removed from the store.